Children see everything!!
The paths our children walk in life are determined by the hands that offer them guidance!!

It is a fantastic video!! Everyone can see it because the understanding doesn’t depend on the language you speak…On the top of that, it has an amazing message. People all over the world should see it.

2 Responses

  1. betul..anak-anak tengok dan ikut apa yang kita buat..sepanjang akak jaga umar, umar memang pemerhati yang baik..kalau ada benda baru atau perkara baru yang dia nampak mata dia memang tak lekang tengok..

    walaupun anak tak buat sekarang, minda jangka panjang akan recall balik sesetengah perkara yang dia lalui semasa dia masih baby….

    mendidik anak ni bukan sesuatu yang mudah..
    ya allah kuatkanlah azam ku, kuatkanlah semangatku, kuatkanlah pendirianku agar dapat mendidik anak2 dengan baik…..

  2. yeah, agreed with this video
    children see and learn everything either good or not
    and they are not just learning from their parents, but also from their friends, neighbors, even environments.
    so be prepared for our valued assets for our hereafter.

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