Largest UK Union Unite votes to boycott Israel  “a boycott of Israeli goods and services will be “similar to the boycott of South African goods during the era of apartheid”.

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Unite votes to boycott Israel

By Jonathan Kalmus, June 4, 2010

Britain’s largest union, Unite, has unanimously passed a motion to boycott Israeli companies at its first policy conference in Manchester on Wednesday.

The motion, which passed unanimously, called the union “to vigorously promote a policy of divestment from Israeli companies”, while a boycott of Israeli goods and services will be “similar to the boycott of South African goods during the era of apartheid”.

Reflecting the University and College Union’s call at their Manchester conference earlier in the week, Unite will similarly host a “Palestine conference” to support trade union action against Israel.

But at odds with the UCU’s call to sever links with Israel’s trade union movement Histadrut, Unite delegates voted to keep solidarity links. Stephen Scott, director of Trade Union Friends of Israel, said that indicates a split within the pro-boycott movement, many of whom realise such a call “is all very dangerous stuff.

“It would be huge for another trade union movement to expel them even when they are a democratic organisation and pass all the criteria of being a member of the international trade unions.”

Nevertheless, Mr Scott added: “All round, you now have a major player supporting the boycott and the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, and there is no resistance.”


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A Global Civil Society Campaign to De-Legitimise Israel?

By Thalif Deen

UNITED NATIONS, Jun 4, 2010 (IPS) – If, as expected, the U.N. Security Council remains politically impotent and refuses to penalise Israel for the killings of nine pro-Palestinian civilians on a ship carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, what is the next course of action?

A global civil society campaign to de-legitimise Israel? Formal or informal sanctions by individual states? Worldwide arrest warrants?

All of these – and more – are in the realm of possibility, say two leading constitutional experts, Professor Richard Falk, U.N. Special Rapporteur on Occupied Palestinian Territories, and Michael Ratner, president of the New York- based Centre for Constitutional Rights.

The gridlock in the Security Council is likely to remind civil society forces that justice for the Palestinians will depend on bottom-up conflict resolution, and a global delegitimising campaign that worked so well in the struggle to defeat South African racism, Falk told IPS.

Asked how Israel could be punished and/or penalised for its atrocities – if action is to be taken outside the Security Council chambers – Falk said there are two sets of punitive responses outside of the U.N. system.

First, by strong diplomatic initiatives, as for instance, the deterioration of Israeli trade and security relations with Turkey, and others; and by some governments adopting informal or formal sanctions – again the South Africa analogy is relevant, he said.

Secondly, by civil society initiatives that move toward further de-legitimisation of Israel, such as a citizen tribunal on Israeli aggression on the high seas or slow genocide in Gaza; an intensifying campaign fueled by outrage, including the failure of the United Nations to uphold international law in relation to Israel, said Falk, who is also professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University.

Ratner told IPS the injured citizens from various countries can and should begin criminal prosecutions in their home countries against Israeli officials who ordered this attack in international waters.

“Worldwide arrest warrants should be issued. Israeli officials should understand that they may have impunity in Israel, but that they leave Israel at their peril,” he said.

The Israeli attack on the flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian aid, which resulted in the killings of eight Turkish nationals, has provoked anger and protests worldwide.

According to news reports, there were more than 600 civilians from 32 countries on board the six ships which flew the flags of Turkey, Greece and Comoros.

But after a 12-hour session Monday, the Security Council issued a tame “presidential statement” condemning what has been described by critics as “high seas piracy and banditry”.

The United States, which has traditionally thrown a protective arm around Israel – whether the Jewish state is right or wrong – was primarily responsible for “watering down” the statement and refusing to adopt a formal resolution against Israel.

Secure under a protective U.S. umbrella, Israel is unlikely to be singled out for condemnation or even subjected to Security Council sanctions or resolutions.

“Yes, it is likely that Israel will continue to enjoy de facto impunity as a result of Euro-American geopolitical protection,” Falk told IPS.

But he predicted that European support for Israel is likely to be under strain “after such a flagrant disregard of international law and such a cruel and arbitrary use of force”.

Ratner told IPS that “at some point – [and] we may be reaching that point – the anger at Israel by Muslim populations of countries like Turkey and Pakistan, and by extension their anger at the U.S., UK. and France for their continued support in the Security Council for Israeli lawlessness, may force a change.”

This is not because those countries care a whit about Palestinians, he said, but because their security depends on not alienating millions in an area they deem crucial to their economic and physical security.

“So I have not given up hope for increased pressure on Israel from the Security Council,” he said.

The Security Council’s failure to condemn this attack is also part of its failure to act on prior occasions when Israel has violated international law, such as in Gaza, said Ratner. At a minimum, the Security Council should refer this matter to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, he added.

“The Security Council overlooking lawlessness in the past has led to more lawlessness in the future. It has given Israel impunity to carry out horrendous human rights violations,” he noted.

As the Security Council, controlled on this issue by the U.S., the UK and France, protects Israel, “We are seeing the emergence of a remarkable phenomenon: militant activism by thousands from all over the world taking action that is the best hope for forcing a change that could end the blockade, end the settlements and has the potential to bring peace,” he said.

Addressing parliament Wednesday, a visibly angry Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that, “Even despots, gangsters and pirates have specific sensitiveness, (and) follow some specific morals.”

“But those who do not follow any morality or ethics, those who do not act with any sensitivity, to call them such names would even be a compliment to them,” he said.

“This brazen, irresponsible, reckless (Israeli) government that recognises no law and tramples on any kind of humanitarian virtue, this attack by the Israeli government must by all means be punished,” he added.

Referring to the Israeli version of the attack, Erdogan said the government in Tel Aviv, “has made lying its state policy and does not blush about the crime it commits”.

Instead of expecting the Israelis to open an investigation, “the international community must investigate this incident in all its dimensions and must give the legal response”, he added.




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Recently Turkey sent aid ships to Gaza. The aid ships were attacked by Israel forces. See a news report by Russian media on this shameful act by Israel.


Author : Watch carefully our flag (Malaysia) was there. Proud of that.


One year later, it is very important to remember what happened in Gaza. But it is more important to realize the aspirations of the Palestinian people in Gaza. They deserve our solidarity, respect and reverence. They deserve justice. It is the duty of every person to contribute to break the unprecedented siege and bringing the criminals behind this atrocity to justice.

Come my brothers and sisters, let we stop this criminals. Put and bring them in your duas. Enough is enough, this has to end now, for the sake of humanity.


“Kenapa nak sangat mempertahankan Palestin tu?”

“Bukankah di masa darurat ini, mempertahankan nyawa adalah lebih penting berbanding mempertahankan tanah air?”

“Kenapa perlu kita yang ada di sini hendak bersusah-payah melaungkan keamanan dan kemenangan Islam di Palestin, bukankah telah dijanjikan Illahi bahawa Palestin akan kembali ditakluki dan Yahudi akan diperangi sehabisnya.”

Itu adalah antara dialog yang sempat penulis dengar dan rakam di dalam kotak fikiran penulis. Jika difikirkan menggunakan logika akal, ada benarnya apa yang diperkatakan oleh insan ‘istimewa’ itu.



Tapi!!! jangan kita lupakan bahawa…

–>> Mereka adalah saudara-saudara kita.

  • Firman Allah S.W.T yang ertinya,”
  1. Sesungguhnya orang-orang mukmin itu adalah bersaudara.” (Al-Hujurat:10)
  2. Dan orang-orang yang beriman, lelaki dan perempuan, sebahagian mereka (adalah) menjadi penolong sebahagian yang lain. Mereka menyuruh (mengerjakan) yang ma’ruf, mencegah dari yang mungkar, mendirikan solat, menunaikan zakat dan mereka ta’at kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya. Mereka itu akan diberi rahmat oleh Allah; Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Perkasa lagi Maha Bijaksana.” (At-Taubah:71)
  • Nabi Muhammad S.A.W juga ada bersabda,
  1. Seorang mukmin dengan mukmin lainnya seperti bangunan yang saling mengukuhkan dan lalu menjalin antara jer-jemarinya. (Muttafaqun ‘Alaihi)

  2. Perumpamaan kaum mukminin dalam kecintaan, kasih dan sayang mereka seperti ibarat satu tubuh. Apabila satu anggota sakit maka sakitlah seluruh tubuh lalu menjadi demam dan tidak boleh tidur. (Muttafaqun ‘Alaihi)

  3. Seorang Muslim adalah saudara muslim lainnya, ia tidak menzaliminya, merendahkannya, menyerahkan (kepada musuh) dan tidak menghinakannya. (HR. Muslim)

–>> Palestin adalah bumi anbiya’

  • Sesungguhnya Palestin adalah tanah suci yang telah dipilih oleh Sang Pencipta di dalam peristiwa bersejarah iaitu Isra’ wa Mikraj. Sehinggakan tercatat di dalam sejarah dan juga kitab suci Al-Quran. Yang mana satu ‘bidang’ tanah yang pernah menjadi saksi dan kiblat umat Islam. Tanah penuh sejarah suci yang pernah dipijak oleh insan suci lagi mulia di dalam mendokong pensyariatan ibadah yang agung.

–>> Nilai usaha berbanding hasil

  • Lupakah kita pada sirah nabi mulia Ibrahim alaihisalam. Yang mana ketika baginda diikat dan dibakar, cuma seekor burung pipit sahaja yang berusaha memadamkan api setinggi gunung (menurut sirah) dengan membawa air menggunakan paruhnya yang kecil. Memang api itu tidak mampu dipadamkan tetapi apa yang diperkatakan oleh burung itu yang perlu diambil iktibar dan pengajaran iaitu, “Memang ia tidak akan memadamkan api tersebut, tetapi aku lebih takut kepada Allah kerana Allah akan menyoal aku nanti, apakah yang aku lakukan untuk agama Allah, dan Allah tidak akan bertanya samada aku berjaya memadamkan api itu ataupun tidak.

Maka ayuhlah diriku wahai penulis dan juga dirimu wahai saudara-saudara pembaca sekalian, sampai bila untuk kita hanya menjadi buih-buih dilautan tanpa membawa sebarang perubahan.

Ayuhlah wahai diriku (penulis) dan dirimu (pembaca sekalian):-

–>> Ittiba’urasul : Meneladani rasul Muhammad S.A.W

  • Marilah kita meneladani kembali ajaran-ajaran yang benar dari rasul. Ini kerana ia adalah antara inti dan paksi di dalam beragama. Kembali kepada manhaj nabi baik dari sudut akidah, ibadah, akhlak, dan pensyariatan yang lain. Moga dunia kembali disuluhi dan diterangi oleh cahaya iman dan tauhid, dari kegelapan kebodohan, kejahilan, kesyirikan serta bid’ah yang sia-sia.

–>> Bina diri sebagai tentera-tentera Islam

  • Ingatlah, Palestin tidak akan dibebaskan kecuali melalui tangan-tangan pembawa akidah Islam. Maka didiklah diri sebagai tentera Islam dengan berpegang teguh pada Kitabullah, sunnah Rasullullah dan contoh para sahabat. Tegaknya kita di atas tujuan akidah Islamiyyah, bukan tertegak bertujuankan duniawiyah mahupun jahiliyah.

–>> Menuju kemenangan yang hakiki

  • Maka demi Allah azzawajalla, sesuatu yang dilaknat Allah pasti tidak akan memberi manfaat pada yang lain. Maka marilah sama-sama mempersiapkan diri untuk menuju kemenangan yang hakiki yang akan memberikan hukuman pada mereka (kaum Yahudi Laknatullah).

Sesungguhnya kita adalah hamba-hamba Allah. Hidup di atas bumi hamparan-Nya. Bernafas dengan udara-Nya. Makan dan minum dari makanan dan minuman-Nya. Dan sudah menjadi Hak-Nya ke atas diri kita ini untuk memuliakan-Nya, mensyukuri-Nya, dan menjaga agama-Nya serta syariat-Nya.

Ya Allah, Engkau tetapkanlah hati dan pendirian saudara-saudara kami di sana. Muliakanlah mereka dan hinakanlah pula mereka (kaum yahudi).



Di antara rinai hujan aku berdoa,

pada tuhan Rabbul-Izzati Yang Maha Agung,

tiada kata yang mampu ku ucapkan,

selain ucapan penuh laknat buat puak-puak taghut – Yahudi Laknatullah.

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